Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer delivery?

We do offer local delivery within 10 miles of Wexford, PA. If you need something delivered that is not within our local delivery area please contact us directly for charges otherwise we can ship orders to your recipient.

Do you offer custom boxes?

Yes! There may be an additional charge depending on what you are looking for but please reach out to us directly with inquiries at

How do I care for the roses?

The roses have already been preserved and no additional care is needed. Please make sure to keep in a cool area away from direct sunlight and heat. We do advise to not touch the flowers as much as possible to keep the oils from our hands off the flowers and give them maximum life expectancy.

Do the roses have a scent?

During the process of preservation the scent is taken away however we have added the rose scent back with Diptyque Rose perfume.

How are the roses preserved?

They are cut at flowers peak when they are at full bloom from the farms of Ecuador. The natural sap is replaced with with a gylcerin and other natural elements to mimic the sap and preserve them with their original beauty. This process does remove the color and scent therefore they are dyed to receive their original color back.

Why are preserved roses so lavish?

The process of the flower preservation is very tedious and uses high grade non toxic chemicals. Only the highest quality roses are used to meet the quality control standards to ensure the roses last a year or longer.

Are the roses real?

The roses are REAL. They look and feel like fresh roses.

How many discount codes can be used on an order?

You can only use one discount code per order.

Can I return at item?

Unfortunately all sales are FINAL due to customization. IF something arrives damaged please reach out to us to address any issues.